Monday, August 3, 2009

Garrett gets a brake!

One-off stainless rotor carrier, Buell rotor and 6-piston caliper. Ooh... it stops!


  1. Hey Garrett, I can't tell from your pix, but are you using a Buell Fork brace with that front end ? If not, I bet that single rotor is flexing the front end quite a bit under hard braking.

  2. I'll reply to my own comment. I looked back at older post/pix of your front end, and see that you AREN'T running the factory fork brace, which may not even be possible to use- since your 19" tire maybe too tall to accomodate the brace that was made to be used with a 17" radial sportbike tire.

  3. Exactly right Ralph! I do have the brace, but it doesn't fit as is.